FamilyArchive™ Kit

Your own safe, permanent off-line backup

Order my FamilyArchive Kit

High resolution off-line storage guaranteed for +50 years

  • No recurring storage fees. Buy once and own it for generations.
  • Free lifetime replacement if lost. *($7 shipping and handling fee)
  • Stores up to 30,000 photos, recordings and videos.
  • Automatically synchronizes with your JoyFlips account contents
  • Easy to use. Works with any Windows or Mac computer.

Our patent-pending storage technology lets you rest easy knowing your family's legacy is safe and in your own possession.

$189 (free express shipping) Order my 256GB FamilyArchive™ Kit

$49 (free express shipping) Order my 16GB FamilyArchive™ Kit

*includes Free lifetime replacement if lost! Just email and we’ll send you a replacement.

  • Secure off-line storage technology.
  • Keeps your photos, recordings and videos safe for over 50 years.
  • Automatically archives up to 30,000 photos, video albums & stories.
  • Accessible from any browser.
  • Easily restored if lost
  • High resolution off-line storage guaranteed for +50 years.
  • Rest easy knowing your content is always safe.

Own your backup storage

Why pay hundreds of dollars in recurring storage fees for decades? Keep a safe and always up-to-date backup in your own possession, not in the possession of some company that may not be in business in 50 plus years.

Preserve your family’s stories for generations

JoyFlip’s patent pending long-term storage technology protects your legacy for over 50 years. It’s RAID Level 4 automatic error correction provides the highest level of data preservation available.

Guaranteed access and privacy

Your content is yours. Physical possession guarantees privacy and accessibility.

Makes great gifts for family members

Gift a FamilyArchive Kit to children and family members to be sure they have permanent copies you’re your family’s treasured legacy. Complete with photos, recorded stories and videos.

Enjoy all the features of your online account

Your off-line backup is an exact, up-to-date copy of your online account. All the photos, albums searchable tags, recorded stories and videos are these. Exactly as they are in your online account.

High-resolution storage

The content backed up on your FamilyArchive kit remains in the same high-resolution format, identical to the content you created in your JoyFlips account. Many online storage systems compress your data into lower resolution formats.

JoyFlips FamilyArchive Kit

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