JoyFLIPS is both a web account and a Phone App.

Two ways to preserve an unlimited number of photos and share the stories they tell.
Both are free forever!

Web Account Features:
  • Download copies of all Photos
  • Upload photos from your
    desk top
  • Create albums
  • Share photos and albums
>>Learn more about using your Web Account
iPhone App Features: (Android coming soon)
  • Scan print photos
  • Share voice and text comments
  • Make slideshows with voice recordings
  • Create albums
  • Share photos and albums
>>Learn more about using your iPhone App
Using Your Web Account

Saving Photos | Downloading Photos | Uploading Photos

Sharing Photos | Creating Albums | Drag and Drop | Shared Albums

Saving Photos

Your photos are safely backed up to your FREE JoyFLIPS account. This includes both photos that you scan or upload and all photos that are shared with you.

Downloading Photos

Use the download button to select the photos you wish to download to your desktop. They will be downloaded in a convenient zip file format.

Uploading Photos

Digital photos can be uploaded from your desktop. Go to Saved Photos and click the upload photos button to select the photos that you want to add.

Sharing Photos

You can share any photo or album using the share button. The share button is available to share individual photos, selected photos or an entire album. You can even share photos or an entire album that has been shared with you. (see Shared Albums below). Photos can be shared on Facebook or via email.

Creating Albums

To create a new album go to the Create Albums section and click the green Create Album button.

You can select from Saved Photos or from photos Shared with you.

First create the album name (required) and fill in the optional description scroll down to select the photos you want to add to this album. Then click Create Album. More photos can be added the same album later.

Drag and Drop to re-arrange Photos

To re-arrange the order in your album click on a photo and drag it while holding the mouse to the new position.

You can move a special photo to the first position to make it the Cover Photo of the album.

Shared Albums

Received Albums shared with you

Click on the album cover icon on the Left to view Thumbnails of all photos in the album. Click any thumbnail to enlarge or launch a slideshow of that album.

Photos in albums shared with you can be re-shared with others or can be used to create a new album. To re-share an entire album simply click the Select All check at the top of that album to select all photos and then click Share these photos.

Photos can be re-shared on Facebook or via email. Simply select email or Facebook from the Share button.

Sent Albums you have shared with others

Click on the Sent button the Left side of the Shared Album page to view the albums you have sent to others. You can re-share these albums or any photo in the album by selecting the photos to re-share and clicking the share button.

Using your phone App

The world's first photo scanning app with Video-like capture.

Automatic focusing and cropping does all the work for you. Scan hundreds of photos in minutes!

Quick Tips for scanning beautiful digital copies


Avoid overhead lighting.

(to reduce glare on photos)

Light from a window or lamp off to the side works well.

Good Lighting is Key

Find the best location to reduce glare

  • Avoid overhead or ceiling lights
  • A lamp off to the side works well
  • Or indirect light from a window

Watch the video for great tips on
quickly scanning beautiful copies

Stack 'N Filp

Flipping through a stack photos is the easiest way to scan them.

Photos in Albums

Scan photos without removing them.

Fill the Screen

Make sure each photo fills the screen and is centered.

Special Features

Use Pinch & Zoom to create new photos.

Add voice slideshows to Shared Albums

Tap green mic, then hold finger on photo while recording. Lift finger and swipe to a new photo to make additional comments. Tap Done.

Add Comments to Shared Albums