FamilyArchive™ Kit

Your own safe, permanent off-line backup

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Full resolution off-line storage guaranteed for +50 years

  • No recurring storage fees. Buy once and own it for generations.
  • Free lifetime replacement if lost. *($7 shipping and handling fee)
  • Stores up to 30,000 photos, recordings and videos.
  • Automatically synchronizes with your JoyFlips account contents
  • Easy to use. Works with any Windows or Mac computer.

Our patent-pending storage technology lets you rest easy knowing your family's legacy is safe and in your own possession.

$40 (free express shipping)
Order my FamilyArchive Kit

*includes Free lifetime replacement if lost! Just email and we’ll send you a replacement.

  • Secure off-line storage technology.
  • Keeps your photos, recordings and videos safe for over 50 years.
  • Automatically archives up to 30,000 photos, video albums & stories.
  • Accessible from any browser.
  • Easily restored if lost
  • High resolution off-line storage guaranteed for +50 years.
  • Rest easy knowing your content is always safe.

Don't rent photo storage. Own it.

Buy once and own it for generations. No hidden fees and no recurring costs. Even if you purchase a payment plan, you own it in just one year.

Buy once, store for generations.

When you buy FOREVER Storage®, you own it for your lifetime and can pass it on to future generations. Never pay for that storage again, ever.

No data mining. No advertising.

There's no data mining or advertising in FOREVER. It's your content, and that’s the way we keep it. So you own your content and retain all rights. Always.

Guaranteed for generations.

The FOREVER Guarantee ensures your photos last at least your lifetime plus 100 years. Over time we’ll update your file formats if needed so they’re never obsolete.

Full-resolution, no compression.

We value your photos, which is why we keep them the way that you took them. We don’t compress your photos and always store full-resolution files.

Know your photos are safe and sound.

Your FOREVER Storage is backed up in multiple places across multiple regions, ensuring you will never lose any of your photos. Over time, we will even migrate your files to newer formats as old formats become obsolete.

JoyFlips is private

  • We value your personal privacy
  • No data mining
  • Keep ownership rights of your photos
  • No selling of personal data
  • No advertising on site
  • Understandable privacy settings and privacy policy

If you have any questions, drop us a line.