Our story, technology and team

Who are we?

We are our DNA. The product of everyone in our family who has come before us. We are the product of our experiences and those of our ancestors. We are our families and our traditions. Our homes and our travels. Our children and their children.

For the past 170 years those ancestors and experiences have been captured in photographs. And now JoyFlips offers a way to bring those photographs to life, to add richness and context, to record and preserve family histories as never before.


Our mission is to create technology that strengthens families by connecting them together around the stories their family photos tell. To do this we have created a collection of easy to use tools that allow families to document past and present stories, share them, and preserve them for generations to come.


Storytelling is something we do best together. When we gather around family photos we naturally want to reminisce and share stories. With JoyFLIPS, family stories can now easily be told, recorded and shared from nearly anywhere at any time.

Our technology

JoyFlips is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed from the ground up to integrate directly with existing products and service in the Genealogy, Family History, Photo Sharing and Photo Printing market. Our proprietary technology allows all of our services to be dynamically co-branded or white labeled for distribution through numerous partners. Our platform utilizes industry leading infrastructure to insure it is robust and massively scalable.