So Many
Stories to Tell

and so many people to share them with

Tell Stories Together

  • Create beautiful albums and videos that share the stories behind your photos

  • Record group conversations and storytelling while sharing photos in person, by phone or online (sort of like sitting around the kitchen table)

  • Invite the whole family to collaborate in a family-wide repository of history preserved for future generations

Leave the lasting legacy of story

  • Collect

    Share and preserve thousands of family photos and recorded stories all in one place.

  • Collaborate

    Invite the entire family contribute photos and tell stories together.

  • Give Voice

    Bring family photos to life with recorded stories in natural conversations.

  • Pass It On

    Take control of your family legacy. Make it just as vibrant as the memories you've lived.

*All images on this site were scanned from paper photos using JoyFLIPS

Beautiful Scanned Photos

  • So easy, you can scan 100's of photos in minutes

  • Grab photos from anywhere: loose prints, photo albums or digital photos

  • Scan using any phone or tablet
    No extra equipment needed


  • Keeps your memories safe in a permanent, portable physical backup

  • Automatically saves an up-to-date copy of everything in your account

  • Includes all photos, shared albums, voice comments and slide shows

JoyFLIPS: for big (and small) Events

We give you the tools to make reunions, memorials, holidays and events last forever.

  • Special event album templates make memory sharing fun and interactive. Add new photos to compare to old. Share new stories as well as old memories.

  • Our email templates make it simple to invite your friends to connect on JoyFLIPS and collect photos for the whole group to share

  • Easily add narratives, both text and audio. You can even record conversations and stories shared during the event for later playback..

Every event becomes a shared moment that lasts forever.

Do Much More
with Your Old Photos

  • Turn your memories into photo books, gifts, prints and more

  • All from within your free JoyFLIPS account

  • Order your photos on t-shirts, mugs, notepads, press-on tattoos if you can think of it, you can probably order it here

Our Mission:

Our mission is to take family history mainstream by providing the hundreds of millions of people worldwide, who have trillions of old print photos, with the JOY of using them to easily discover, share and preserve their family’s history.

Our task is both daunting and urgent. There are trillions of print photos across millions of families worldwide. With less than 2% digitized, these irreplaceable photos — and especially the stories they tell — are literally fading away.

Our Vision:

Our challenge is to make discovering and preserving family history so easily accessible and engaging that everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle gets involved. Discovering more about family history is something that interests nearly everyone. Yet relatively few people get involved in it doing it because they’re either too busy, or too intimidated by the tasks involved.

We are solving this problem by combining easy photo scanning, preservation and sharing with conversational storytelling and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our embedded AI will turn time-consuming research into the excitement of nearly instant discovery. It does this by listening for names, places and dates in voice tags and shared stories. It then intelligently searches through numerous sources such as genealogy records and old newspapers to find those hidden details that make our personal history come to life.

Our Technology:

JoyFLIPS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed from the ground up to integrate directly with existing products and service in the Genealogy, Family History, Photo Sharing and Photo Printing market. Our proprietary technology allows all of our services to be dynamically co-branded or white labeled for distribution through numerous partners.

Integrating the JoyFLIPS platform allows our partners to address the worldwide pent up demand for easy print photo scanning and family history preservation. This in turn, accelerates our partner’s customer acquisition through photo sharing— arguably the most viral of all social sharing activities. The technologies we have developed are the perfect gateway to the core products and services offered in the Family History industry.

To reliably meet the needs of millions of people worldwide, JoyFLIPS has developed scanning, sharing and storytelling modules in a highly scalable architecture that can easily accommodate tens of millions of users and billions of photos. Our platform is powered by the world’s largest best-of-breed services: Google’s FIREBASE for user data, Amazon’s EC2 for media file storage, web services and IBM’s Watson AI service. Redundancy, world-wide content distribution and automatic hourly backups assure our users receive the highest level of service available.

about joyflips

The world certainly needs an easy way to preserve the trillions of precious print photos fading away in closets and attics. But more than that, we also need a way to preserve and share the stories behind those photos.

We need to pass down the memories that are locked away in our family albums by transforming them into living conversations that can be experienced and added to by generations yet to come.

Our Team:

  • VINCENT TITOLO : has over 40 years of domestic and international executive experience in both the corporate and investment sectors. He founded and successfully managed a VC Fund, was the Chairman & CEO of a high tech network solutions company, CEO of a private equity LBO fund and served as a Senior Vice President and CFO of three NYSE companies, two of which were Fortune 500 companies. He has managed several public offerings on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

  • KEN LEONARD : is an active entrepreneur and pioneering technologist for over 40 years, founding 17 companies including the first web host to reach 5 million customers, China's first cross-border trade portal, and the McAfee SECURE trustmark. Investors in companies he founded include President George H. Bush, Citi Group and HSBC.

  • SCOTT SHEBBY : Over the past 15 years, Scott has worked with companies of all sizes, and has a strong background in design, prototyping and inventing creative technology solutions. His experience as a military leader, software engineer, and product designer have paved a path to technological entrepreneurship.

  • ROB SALAVERRY : has over 20 years of experience in product management, consumer marketing, web and app development. Rob helped build several early e-commerce companies in Asia Pacific as well as implement consumer marketing and channel programs for US and International companies. Rob has co-founded and launched numerous consumer businesses.

  • TAMI MIZE : is a recognized genealogy author, educator, innovator, and passionate about sharing knowledge and information. Her contributions include and the charter president and driving force behind the establishment of both the first virtual chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the first virtual chapter of the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

  • LEVITICUS WILLIAMS : started using content and social media to build companies’ brands while attending University of Southern California. By focusing on the science behind what influences people and his innate interest in business, he found his passion: crafting personalities for companies by harnessing power of emotional marketing for Fortune 500 packaging solutions giant MWV (now WestRock), the leading connected high school and college learning platform Chegg (NYSE: CHGG) and the nation’s leading private bank First Republic Bank (NYSE: FRC).

  • JENNIE MERKLEY : has been researching her family history for over forty years. She loves to index historical documents and help others with their own family history research. She has worked in retail, education, insurance and securities, and as a computer tech support agent. Jennie is excited about being able to teach others how to integrate their photos and stories into their family history with JoyFLIPS.