Discover, preserve and share family stories

with the people you love... in photos, voice and video

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Tell stories together

  • Create beautiful albums and videos that share the stories behind your family's photos

  • Record stories while browsing photos together — in person, or on the phone (sort of like chatting around the kitchen table)

  • Easy access for everyone: old, young, and in-between. From the telephone to texting, fits everyone's lifestyle

Create your story

Fast high resolution scanning built-in

  • So easy, you can scan 100's of photos in minutes

  • Scan using any phone or tablet, at full 600 ppi resolution

  • Upload genealogy photos and stories directly to you account

  • Tag photos with voice or text, on your phone or on the web

  • Voice tags and stories are converted to searchable text. Finding and sorting photos becomes a snap

  • Permanently embeds text tags and voice recording into image files

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Easily organize photos and create video albums

  • Share and preserve thousands of family photos and recorded stories all in one place

  • Invite family members to contribute photos and tell stories together in natural conversations

  • Bring family photos to life with interactive video albums that change as people add photos and stories

FamilyArchive Kit

  • Secure off-line storage technology

  • Keeps your photos, recordings and videos safe for over 50 years

  • Automatically archives up to 30,000 photos, video albums & stories

  • Accessible from any browser.
    Easily restored if lost

Other key features

Restore old photos

Faded old photos come back to life with tools we've included to easily restore color and and detail.

Organizing and creating albums

We make it fun and easy to create a great-looking albums to share with family and friends.

Invite others to collaborate

Reach out to family and friends to contribute their photos and stories.

In-home photo scanning

Don't risk shipping off your photos. We'll send someone to you, so that your photos never have to leave home.